How does the Language Lounge work?


Can I attend a single session just to find out how things look?

Well, this is what our sessions (€ 15,00) are for. However, if you want to try
your luck on a given evening, we may admit guests if the session is not completely booked.



What’s the regular pricing?

You book a sequence of three monthly sessions, 19:00 to 21:15.

The cost for this is € 252.00 plus VAT.
This special introductory price includes:

• Two qualified native language trainers to look after you
• A harmonious combination of conversation culture and individual guidance for your specific needs
• Drinks, including a glass of champagne
• A welcoming and relaxing atmosphere

There is a limited number of places, so it is better to book early.



What happens in the sessions?

Each session contains a lot of free and guided conversation practice with individual feedback. There will be communication games and role plays, but there will also be a language clinic, looking at relevant idioms and other language points.



What happens if I miss a session?

Nothing. The Language Lounge has a game plan, but each lesson is self-contained. We are happy if you send a friend for one session as your stand-in but we cannot reimburse you for individual sessions you miss.



Can I bring a friend?

Sure you can! The cost for guests is € 30.00 cash.

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